Young Waterbury Entrepreneurs Launch Lemonade Business

   Ignoring the grim economic news across Connecticut, an enthusiastic band of entrepreneurs launched a lemonade stand on Southwest Road in Waterbury on July 2nd. From left to right is D'Archer Bartlett, 8, Nolan Gustafson and Sincere Bartlett, 11. The stand was set up across the street from Post University in the West End of Waterbury, and the kids would explode into a marketing frenzy with each passing car. At 25 cents a drink, the young entrepreneurs were offering up refreshments at a cost difficult to compete with. Photo by John Murray

Waterbury Community Police Focus On Quality Of Life Issues In The Neighborhoods

Lt. Scott Stevenson is the Commander of the Community Relations Division in the Waterbury PD. Story and Photographs By John Murray


   The setting was perfect.

   Lt. Scott Stevenson strolled down Elaine Rice’s driveway in the East End of Waterbury and entered a small garden sanctuary to meet with community leaders from the Waterbury Neighborhood Council. Stevenson is the commander of the Community Relations Division and updated the small gathering on several key developments in the Waterbury Police Department.

Noted Landscape Designer Wesley Rouse Opens Personal Gardens July 10

    Wesley Rouse, the noted landscape designer will conduct a tour and talk of his personal gardens on July 10, 2011.  Each of Mr. Rouse’s gardens makes its own statement through the use of color, unusual plant combinations, and creative landscaping; his white garden is exactly that, a garden of white flowers, shrubs and flowering trees.

Waterbury Youth Proclaim Their Devotion To Jesus With Rap And Music

Devon Williams, left, and Kevin Smythe, rap for Jesus on the Green in downtown Waterbury June 18th during the Greater Waterbury Youth Network summer concert.

Story and Photographs By John Murray

   The music was loud and powerful and had hundred of people on and around the Green craning their heads for a glimpse. Young basketball players leaving the YMCA stopped to listen from across the street, and Russian immigrants, senior citizens and drunks on park benches tapped their feet to the pulsating sounds coming from Waterbury youth.

UConn Waterbury Campus To Dedicate New Courtyard and Sculpture, "Synergy", June 27th

   The University of Connecticut's Waterbury campus will be dedicating the newly renovated campus courtyard and artistic water sculpture "Synergy" on Monday, June 27, 2011 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Scheduled speakers include Senator Joan Hartley, Artist Barton Rubenstein, and the University of Connecticut's 15th President, Dr. Susan Herbst. This project was several years in the making and came together as a result of the hard work of many individuals in and outside the University.  The event is free and open to the public. Please RSVP by June 17, 2011 by calling 203.236.9943 or by emailing

Father McGivney Statue Undergoes Restoration Work In Downtown Waterbury

Photographs By John Murray

   The statue of father McGivney at the intersection of Meadow Street and Grand Street in downtown Waterbury is about to undergo a complete restoration in the next two weeks. McGivney was born and raised in Waterbury, CT, and is the founder of the Knights Of Columbus. He is currently being considered for sainthood by the Catholic Church. 

Missing Person Legislation Triggered By Disappearance Of Waterbury's Billy Smolinski Passes CT Senate, Now On To Governor Malloy

Billy Smolinski vanished on August 24th, 2004

Story By John Murray

   Last night the Connecticut Senate voted unanimously to approve new legislation that alters the way state and local police officers handle the report of a missing adult. The legislation, which still needs Governor Dannel Malloy's signature to become law, ensures that reports of missing adult persons are accepted and investigated by the police in an effective and timely manner.

1200 Catfish Stocked In Lakewood Lake

Larry Butler and one of the 1200 catfish.

     State Representative Larry B. Butler (D-Waterbury) announced the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has stocked Lakewood Lake in Waterbury with fish for a fourth consecutive year.  The DEP delivered about 1,200 Arkansas Channel Catfish to Lakewood on Tuesday as part of the agency's Community Fishing Program.  In all, eleven lakes and ponds around the state were stocked.  The DEP also annually stocks streams and rivers with trout for fishing season.

Governor Malloy Visits Albanian Festival

Spinach Pie and Politics

Malloy Touts Local Albanian Community, Endorses Neil O'Leary

The dance group "Besa" performed "Valle e Devollit" at the 6th Annual Albanian Festival at the Albanian- American Muslim Community Center, on Raymond Street, in the South End of Waterbury. Valle means dance, and Devolli is a village in Albania. Photographs by John Murray

Irish Tenor Ronan Tynan Will Sing at the Palace Theater To Benefit Local Catholic Schools

    Famed Irish tenor Ronan Tynan will perform a concert on behalf of the Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Schools (FACS) on Saturday, June 25, 2011 at the Palace Theater in Waterbury, CT at 8 p.m. The concert will benefit Catholic schools in the Greater Waterbury area and FACS.

Neil O'Leary Weighs In On Mike Jarjura's Defection To The GOP

Former Waterbury police chief Neil O'Leary announced his candidacy for mayor in early February. O'Leary had agreed not to challenge Mike Jarjura in 2009 when the mayor promised to support him in 2011. Jarjura changed his mind, but the Democratic establishment, which had helped broker the arrangement in 2009, threw its support behind O'Leary. Without party support, and with philosophical differences with state and federal Democratic leaders, Jarjura announced on May 31st that he had switched parties and is now a Republican. Photo by John Murray